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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Lilttle Lover..

I think of u often and make no outward show,
But what it means to lose u,
no one will ever know..

U wished no one farewell
not even said goodbye
U were gone before i knew it
and Only ALLAH knows why u're not forgotten..nor will u ever be..

As long as life and memories last,
I will remember u..
To some,u may be forgotten,
to others,u're part of the past,
but to me who loved u dearly,
ur memories will always last..

Nothin can be more beautiful
than the memories I have of u..
To me,u were someone special..
ALLAH must have thoughts so too!!

If tears could build a staircase
and memories a lane,
I would walk all the way to heaven,
and bring u back again..

I miss U my Lil Lover..Rest In Peace.......

**moga penawar itu pembawa ceria dihujung cerita**

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