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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dont Let Go Of Hope~~

Hope gives u the strength to keep going when u feel like giving up..
dont ever quit believing in urself,
as long as u believe u can, u will have a reason for trying..
dont let anyone hold ur happiness in their hands,
hold it in yours, so it will always be within ur reach..
dont measure success or failure by material wealth,
but by how u feel, our feelings determine the richness of our lives..
dont let bad moments overcome u,
be patient, and they will pass..
dont hesitate to reach out for help,
we all need it from time to time..
dont run away from love, but towards love,
because it is our deepest joy..
dont wait for what u want to come to u,
go after it with all that u are, knowing that life will meet u halfway..
dont feel like u have lost, when plans and dreams fall short of ur hopes..
anytime u learn something new about urself or about life,
u have progressed..
dont do anything that takes away from ur self-respect,
feeling good about urself is essential to feeling good about life..
dont ever forget how to laugh or be too proud to cry,
it is by doing both that we live life to its fullest.. (^_~)

**moga penawar itu pembawa ceria dihujung cerita**

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